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San Diego Traders Expo

Bennett & Jean McDowell

We’ve built TradersCoach.com® for you to take advantage of the latest trading technologies and to offer you quality educational trading products and services. The commitment you make to your own trading education today can make a big difference in your success as a trader in the future. Browse this website and you’ll see this is a one-of-a-kind trading educational site that you cannot afford to miss.

This website is a window into the vibrancy, energy, and excitement of the world of trading. You'll discover in moving through this website that TradersCoach.com® means business with unparallel service and quality. Our mindset here is that failure is not an option and it pays to be a winner!

The array of products and services that TradersCoach.com® offers has no parallel in financial trading education.  We hope that you enjoy your visit to the TradersCoach.com® website and that it moves you to be the best trader you can be.  Trade Well!

Readers Choice Award

Bennett Receiving The Reader's Choice Award For The Applied Reality Trading®
System & The Trader's Assistant From Ed Schram Of Stocks & Commodities!

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TD 2009 Panalists

Bennett speaks at many events across the country 
Here are Panelists Steve Nison, Bennett McDowell, Larry McMillan, & TD AMERITRADE'S Derek Moore

About The Management Team

Bennett McDowell

President & CEO, TradersCoach.com®
The Creator of the ART® Trading System
Member of eSignal University Elite “Trading With The Masters" Team!

Founder and President of "TradersCoach.com®," Bennett started his financial career on Wall Street with the firm J.J. Kenny Co. in 1984 after serving as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. Bennett also served as a Retirement Plan Specialist with the Equitable in New York and has investment real estate experience as well. In addition, his 1979 Economics BA degree from "Syracuse University" in upstate New York gave him a foundation on which he was able to build a solid background in Finance.

Bennett is well known for creating and developing his proprietary trading system and home study course called "Applied Reality Trading®" also known as ART® released in January 2002.   Bennett has extensive trading experience that included managing money for clients throughout the United States.  Bennett's background includes experience as a Registered Securities Broker and successful Financial Advisor with Prudential Securities, Morgan Stanley, and First Wall Street Corporation. An author of two best selling books "The ART® of Trading" and "A Trader's Money Management System" released by Wiley & Sons in 2008.

Bennett is known as an internationally recognized trading educational expert, and teaches trading and money management to students throughout the world through his company "TradersCoach.com®."  Bennett is one of today's most sought-after market based speakers and an internationally recognized expert on all aspects of trading.  Bennett trades live in front of hundreds of attendees and with real money at many of the Traders Expo "Trading Challenges" during 2007 and 2008 in San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles. 

Bennett also has been on numerous trading panels discussions, and frequently presents for "TD AMERITRADE", "TradeStation", eSignal, NinjaTrader, "TradingMarkets.com", "Colleagues In Trading" and other industry wide financial organizations.  Bennett also appears frequently on Radio for the "Online Trading Academy"' and for the "Gabe Wisdom" financial business network radio show.

Considered an expert in technical analysis and complex computer trading platforms and applications, Bennett created the Applied Reality Trading® System also known throughout the industry as ART®.  Bennett also created the "Pyramid Trading Point®" trend indicator and the ART® Reversal Bars used by traders internationally to trade the financial markets.  These indicators are only available with the ART® system.  Bennett is also well known for helping traders overcome sabotaging psychological issues that keep them from reaching their full potential. He has educated and helped traders worldwide improve their trading.  Bennett is a member of eSignal University's Elite “Trading With The Masters" Team!

Applied Reality Trading®  has been ranked #1 "Course and Seminar" at "Trader's Resource" at the Stocks & Commodities website and magazine since 2002 and has remained # 1 ever since!  ART® also received the Stock & Commodities Editor's Review in the November 2002 issue and again in the July 2006 issue of "Stocks & Commodities Magazine." In March 2004, "Applied Reality Trading ®" received the TradersWorld Editor's Review by TradersWorld.com Magazine. His cutting edge course teaches trading using the state of the art "Pyramid Trading Point ®" Indicator, Money Management skills, determining "Trade Size," and developing the "Trader's Mindset." Bennett is also known for developing "The Trader's Assistant™" - a premier trade posting record keeping system for traders, as well as, writing and publishing "The Survival Guide For Traders" a book on how to set-up and organize your trading business, and originally developing the original "The Trade Size Calculator™" to determine maximum "Trade Size" while maintaining risk control. Both of which received featured reviews in major publications and magazines such as "Stocks & Commodities," and "Active Trader." TradersCoach.com® was proud to be a guest of ZAP Futures, one of the brokerage industry's leading electronic futures trading platforms located in Chicago. ZAP Futures hosted this live international on-line "Applied Reality Trading®" seminar which was recorded and now available for your viewing. The seminar was presented live by Bennett McDowell, President and CEO of TradersCoach.com® on October 14, 2003 featuring our state-of-the-art trading system "Applied Reality Trading ®". Bennett has also been featured at eSignal.com, Moneyshow.com, Tradersexpo.com, Optionetics.com, TradingMentors.com, and several other prominent trading educational websites.

Bennett McDowell developed the "Pyramid Trading Point®" based not only on his trading skills and experience, but also on his ability to transform market information into meaningful visual representations. In fact, this ability was again illustrated when Bennett scored in the 100th percentile on the "visual-spatial" IQ intelligence exam scale which means his abilities in this area of "nonlinear" thinking are exceptional exceeding 90% to 100% of the people who took the test! Bennett feels that the "Pyramid Trading Point®" transforms the concept of trading "pivot points" and "fractals" into the next generation.

Bennett is also well know and respected for his extremely accurate and bold Stock Market forecast back in 1999 calling for a significant sell-off in both the DJIA and the NASDAQ Markets in the fall months of the year 2000. His forecast also warned that the DJIA could reach a low between 6900 to 7500, And the NASDAQ market could reach a low between 1000 to 1500. As of the Summer of 2000, his updated forecasts calls for a DJIA low between 6500 to 6900 and a NASDAQ low of between 800 to 900. His initial forecasts made in the year 2000 were unheard of at the time! These incredible forecasts where made available to TradersCoach.com® Members in Bennett's "Market Observation" page available to TradersCoach.com Members.

Bennett has been interviewed and his articles have been published in magazines and websites such as “Stocks & Commodities”, “TradersWorld”, “eSignal.com”, “Talking-Points.com”, “FutureSource.com”, and "The Long And Short Of It ®", a TradersCoach.com newsletter for members only, He has also been interviewed by Brice Wightman in "Conversations With Top Traders" at TradingMarkets.com, and by Jeff Neal of Optionetics.com. Bennett's many interests have lead him to ocean sailing, piloting aircraft, and karate at the World Oyama Karate organization in New York, and Taekwondo in San Diego.  Bennett and his family now live in San Diego, California.

Bennett provides private consultation/coaching services to many traders throughout the world by telephone and internet video conferencing. Working with Bennett, traders spend time focusing on trading system development, trading psychology, and disciplined money management, and risk control development.

This website is Bennett's way of helping traders to avoid the many pitfalls that hinder traders throughout the world. His goal through TradersCoach.com® is to provide traders a place to access quality trading products & services to help traders achieve peak performance.

  Trading With The Masters

Bennett McDowell, creator of the the Applied Reality Trading® system is a "Trading Master" at eSignal's MarketCenter & Quote.com!

"MarketCenter" has asked some of the industry's leading educational trading experts to share their thoughts on their favorite trading techniques. These "Trading Masters" come from a wide variety of backgrounds, many of them published authors whose advice is sought after in the television and seminar circuit.

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Quote.com has asked some of the industry's leading trading experts like Bennett
McDowell of TradersCoach.com® to share their thoughts on their favorite trading techniques. These "Trading Masters" come from a wide variety of backgrounds, many of them published authors whose advice is sought after in the television and seminar circuit.

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Learning Annex

New York 2008 Traders Expo

Bennett and Applied Reality Trading® Are Featured At The Traders Expos

Jean McDowell

Executive Vice president, TradersCoach.com®
Customer Service, Sales & Marketing

Jean, an Executive Vice President of TradersCoach.com® serves as the head of "Customer Service" and advertising for "TradersCoach.com®." Jean is a gifted designer and enjoys interacting with customers and clients. She graduated with a BFA degree from "Parsons School Of Design" in New York City in 1982, and became "Art Director" for Tilley Marlieb advertising shortly thereafter. In this position she designed print ads, subway posters and bus panels for Omni, Spin, and other world class magazines.

Following that, she worked with Reed Elsevier as a "Creative Director" for eight years. In this capacity Jean was involved with customer service and marketing to thousands of subscribers to "Travel Weekly Magazine," "Hotel & Travel index" and "Official Hotel Guide." These publications were used by professional travel agents.

This experience enables Jean to understand the needs of customers and gives her essential know how to provide the products and services that will help them in their work. With TradersCoach.com®, she is responsible for listening to traders and for helping to create the materials they are looking for on a day to day basis. Jean insures that all emails are answered quickly and efficiently and believes that customer service is very important.

Constantly dedicated to serving the changing needs of traders across the globe, Jean always welcomes comments, suggestions and feedback.

About The Company

"TradersCoach.com®, Empowering Traders Worldwide!"

TradersCoach.com®, Inc. is a company that provides educational services for traders of the financial markets.  The TradersCoach.com® philosophy is that failure is not an option and to it pays to be a winner!  TradersCoach.com® provides the highest quality educational trading products and services to clients around the world.

Our trading advice is strictly educational and is grounded in a sophisticated understanding of the markets, money management, risk control, computers, and trading software. We are leaders in our field. Our unique approach to trading has built a track record of satisfied clients. We are highly responsive to our clients, and dedicated in the pursuit of their interests and goals. We understand how solid, sound advice with quality trading products creates value for our clients. We do create value.

TradersCoach.com® was created in 1999 and incorporated in 2000 in the state of California. TradersCoach.com® is a company you can count on to deliver results. We pride ourselves as being a professional educational trading organization, trading system developer, and helping serious traders improve their trading skills.

TradersCoach.com® is also proud to have earned the confidence of some of the world's most demanding traders, in many cases based on relationships that extend over years. Our advice is sought internationally and we respect the privacy of our clients.

We are not part of a large commercialized marketing group, instead TradersCoach.com® is a proprietary trading firm. We employ a strict approach to professional speculation, technical analysis, and apply specific risk-management in all trading markets and time-frames. We are here to provide traders with educational support and a place to access quality trading products & services such as our featured home study course Applied Reality Trading® (also known as ART®), the ART® Charting Software with our proprietary "Pyramid Trading Point®" indicator and "ART® Reversals", The Trader's Assistant™, Trade Size Calculator™ PC Software, Private Coaching, and in-person Tutorials.

InvestmentConnection.com Interviews The President Of TradersCoach.com®

In an interview with InvestmentConnection.com, Bennett McDowell discusses the importance of risk control and money management while trading in today's markets. Bennett also discusses the "Truths" about the financial markets - price and volume.

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Bennett McDowell, the founder and President of TradersCoach.com® is a member of eSignal University Elite “Trading With The Masters" Team! Known as an internationally recognized trading educational expert with extensive experience in trading the financial markets.

Bennett McDowell developed the "Pyramid Trading Point®" and the “ART® Reversal Bar” indicators available in his trading system called “Applied Reality Trading®” (available as an add-on to eSignal and TradeStation), also known throughout the industry as ART®, being used internationally to trade the financial markets and maintain strict risk control.  Bennett is a a member of eSignal University's Elite “Trading With The Masters" Team!

Recognized worldwide as a trading expert and trading educator, Bennett coaches many traders. He is also well known for helping traders overcome sabotaging psychological issues that keep them from reaching their full potential. In addition to his educational and coaching abilities, Bennett writes for major trading magazines and conducts live trading seminars in the United States.

Besides providing quality educational trading products & services, traders need a place that provides sound, objective, and comprehensive one-on-one help with their trading. Our website was created by a trader that knows what other traders experience in trading the markets, both from a psychological standpoint as well as a technical one. We speak the trader's language and our trading products, as well as, our consultation/coaching services are designed around support, improvement, objective feedback, and a realistic approach to trading.

This adds up to a shorter learning curve for the trader, less money spent on trading products not needed, and guiding the trader to a sound trading approach while emphasizing risk control and money management. For new traders just starting out, this means learning solid trading skills including strict risk control. The end result is that the trader understands trading is a profession that takes time to master and with our guidance and expertise, the trader can potentially achieve these skills in a shorter time period while potentially preserving and growing their capitol.

TradersCoach.com® and the premier trading system "Applied Reality Trading®" has been featured and reviewed in magazines such as Stocks & Commodities and TradersWorld. You also may have seen us in Investor Business Daily, Active Trader Magazine, eSignal.com, Talking-Points.com, Optionincs.com, TradingMarkets.com, InvestmentConnection.com, and many other financial websites and publications featuring interviews with our president and top trader Bennett McDowell. In 2005, eSignal, a premier data and software provider has listed TradersCoach.com as one of their elite "Education Partners". TradersCoach.com® is a member of the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau logo identifies TradersCoach.com® as a Better Business Bureau member representing integrity and the highest business industry standards of ethical conduct and representation.

The purpose of TradersCoach.com® is to align your personal psychology with that of a sound trading system. And to mold your psychology into that of a winning trader.

Our Offices Are Located In Beautiful San Diego, California

The Trading Room

2007 New York Traders Expo

Mike Setting Up

Open For Business!

Bennett Receiving The Reader's Choice Award For The Applied Reality Trading®
System & The Trader's Assistant From Ed Schramm Of Stocks & Commodities!

We Are Busy!

Free ART® Course Raffle Winner!

Bennett, The Creator Of The Applied Reality Trading® System In Action!

Great Expo!

Live Trading Seminars In San Diego, California



2006 Las Vegas Traders Expo

2006 New York Traders Expo



Our Philosophy About Trading The Markets

Some Market Facts:

Approximately 800,000 millionaires Are in North America

Over 90% of These millionaires Use The Financial Markets To Increase or create their wealth

Approximately 80% of These Millionaires started with nothing

Whether you're an investor or trader, there is money being made and lost in the financial markets every day. Opportunity exists for everyone and the chances of creating your own wealth have never been better than right now!

Trading the financial markets involve four important elements:

Risk Capital: Sufficient "Risk Capital" is necessary to trade / invest in the financial markets

Psychology: You must control your emotions and develop the "Trader's Mindset" to succeed in the financial markets. A trader's improperly managed psychology can manifest losing trades even with a proven trading system

Trading / Investing Approach or System: A well developed trading approach or system helps put the odds in your favor while making trading decisions based on probability and not emotion

Money Management:  Learning to control your risk on each and every trade and knowing how much you can afford to risk.

How TradersCoach.com® Can Help You:

TradersCoach.com offers high quality educational products and services that focus on results. We recommend you read every page on this website and take advantage of our free offers which highlight our complete trading approach / system called "Applied Reality Trading®" and the ART® Charting Software

"Our Beliefs About Trading"

We believe that no one was born a great trader and that anyone with the passion, commitment, the right education, and the risk capital has the potential to become a great trader. Trading is not a get rich quick philosophy, instead it is a profession that needs to be mastered in order to be profitable. Through education, practice, and commitment you can potentially master the skills needed to trade the financial markets for a living. Trading should be fun, and if it is not fun for you, then you are doing it wrong!

We believe that profitable trading is the perfect business because it is capitalism at its best. In trading, the markets do not care who you are, where you came from, if you are rich or poor, your education level, or anything about you. In trading there is no office politics, difficult bosses, or difficult employees. You can trade from just about any location and there are a variety of liquid markets to trade. There are not many rules, and you can run your business as you see fit. This truly seems to us like the "Perfect Business"!

We believe that professional trading is not gambling, but some gamblers use the markets to trade and satisfy their addictive and destructive habit. The door that separates the trading room from the gambling room is called risk control. Professional traders have strict money management guidelines that they follow, a trading approach that they have tested and believe in, and view trading as a business. Their satisfaction comes from trading well, not from the thrill or "rush" that gamblers feel when trading. Professional traders actively trade or speculate with no more than 10% of their net worth and this money is money they can afford to risk.

We believe that most traders incorrectly view the markets from purely a "linear" mindset and instead should view the markets from a "nonlinear" mindset as the markets are "nonlinear" themselves. This is why rigid logical thinkers or "linear intellectuals" find trading the markets so frustrating. Since they operate from their logical "linear" "beta" mind state, and become frustrated when market behavior does not do what it "should."

We believe that every trader trades his or her own beliefs. And therefore, your beliefs and personality will determine how you trade and whether you will be successful or not.


Your Thoughts shape your beliefs!

And your beliefs In-Turn shape your thoughts!

Your beliefs shape your emotions such as fear and greed!

Emotions such as Fear & Greed Are Relative, based on your unique beliefs!

Fear & Greed Drive Markets and Life Itself!

Ultimately, you live your beliefs which create your reality!

Trading is nothing more than a vehicle you choose to create your reality by trading your beliefs!

So choose & protect your thoughts carefully!

A trader's improperly managed psychology can manifest losing trades even with a proven trading system!

When you can align your personality with your trading approach, this can be a powerful force in the markets. We teach traders to stop relying on "Black Box" trading systems that you don't trust or have no confidence in. We have found that when traders experience "Draw Down" periods on a system they have not designed themselves, that they usually abandon the system and move on to another one. Why? Simply because the trader's beliefs do not trust the "Black Box" system anymore now that it is losing money. Traders trade their own beliefs! And this is what makes trading both an "Art" and a "Science."

We believe that the markets talk to us through price and volume and that these are the TRUTHS of the market. Price takes into account and represents all reality that is in a market. There is no such thing as "overbought" or "oversold" because market price is exactly where it should be at every given moment since it represents exactly what buyers and sellers agree to pay and receive at that given moment. When a trade occurs, the buyer and seller agree on price, but disagree on value, which is why the trade occurred at that price. We feel that most indicators that are used in trading the markets actually take the trader further away from the realities of the market. Most indicators are built as a derivative of price and volume, and thus distort price and volume which takes the trader further away from the truths of the market and thus further away from what the market is really saying. These indicators actually may not help the trader, but instead can confuse the trader by creating opinions and illusions about future price movement. In fact, we have found that when traders form an opinion about market direction, they often miss great trades! We train traders to LISTEN to the market and want what the markets want by basing all trades only on the TRUTHS of the market, which you can learn through our complete home study course "APPLIED REALITY TRADING®" or "ART®" for short. We feel to trade the market well, you need to follow the market and we do this with basing our trades on "Grounded Market Assessments." Incorporated in our home study course are specific trading signals and our state of the art "Pyramid Trading Points ®" all of which represent trades based on "Grounded Market Assessments." In addition to the entry signals, the stops or exit signals are precisely based on the market, but only using the "TRUTHS" of the market to actually set the stop.

We believe that traders usually make trading decisions based upon either "Grounded Market Assessments" or "Ungrounded Market Assessments." We believe that when trading the markets you must base all your trades from "Grounded Market Assessments" which means basing your actual trade entries and exits on what is happening in the market now as it is unfolding. Trading in this way insures that you are trading from the REALITIES or TRUTHS of the market. "Ungrounded Market Assessments" occur when traders try and trade by forecasting future market prices, they are not trading the realities or truths of the market, instead they are trading from their fantasies or illusions and then have a mindset of hoping the market will follow the forecast. To forecast the market is to create a fantasy about future market activity and the reality is that no one can accurately predict future price movement well enough to consistently make money. If you must HOPE that your trade will make money, then you are not trading well and hoping creates anxiety, stress, fear, and greed. Instead, when you look at the market, you should trade from "Grounded Market Assessments" which will tell you almost instantly whether you should be long, short, or out of the market. It is possible to combine "Grounded Market Assessments" with some "Ungrounded Market Assessments." We feel that to be a successful trader you must not trade solely with forecasts or fantasies but instead with "Grounded Market Assessments" which is what we teach the trader to do in our home study course "APPLIED REALITY TRADING®" .

We believe that "Paper Trading" is a great way to practice your trading and develop your skills in a stress free environment before risking real money. If you cannot profitably "Paper Trade", then we believe you will not be profitable trading with real money in the markets. Once you begin to trade in the markets with real money, your psychology becomes the main factor in your being successful or not. We have specific ways for traders to "Paper Trade" and know when to begin trading with real money. We feel that "Paper Trading" is a better way to test your trading system or approach than conventional "Back Testing" methods popularly used today because "Paper Trading" is how YOU actually trade the trading system or trading approach in a stress free environment.

We believe that all trading methods involve risk and there are no absolutes in life, the markets, or in trading. Traders must take total responsibility for their trading. Using our methods in "APPLIED REALITY TRADING®" of "Grounded Market Assessment" trading allows the trader to maintain strict risk management while reducing stress and anxiety and limiting the human inclination to fall prey to your greed and fear. In addition, all traders should only trade with money they can afford to risk. While we enter and exit the markets based only on "Grounded Market Assessments," we do at times like to forecast potential future market actively using "Ungrounded Market Assessments" like the Elliott Wave. We feel the Elliott Wave is the best forecasting method available in the financial markets and we like to use it at times to gain an overall big picture of where the market should go based on Elliot Wave theory models. Our research indicates that the Elliott Wave theory is a stand alone forecasting method that takes into account world and economic events. However we realize, that the Elliott Wave forecasts are theories only representing fantasies about future market behavior.

Attention Traders

Since we believe the universe is abundant and rewards good deeds, successful traders may want to give back some winnings to help others, here are some charity organizations we recommend:

TradersCoach.com® is proud to help sponsor the San Diego KCBQ 1170 AM Radio's National Center For Missing & Exploited Children's campaign. If you are interested in helping or can donate, their phone number is 1-800-843-5678.

Another great way to help is through the "Photocharity" organization located in Cardiff, CA. which focuses on saving homeless teens. If you are interested in helping or can donate, their phone number is 760-967-3665 and their website is www.photocharity.com

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